Corporate Red and White Wine Gift Basket

$200.00 CAD

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This Corporate Red and White wine gift basket includes: 

PREMIUM QUALITY RATTAN BASKET - Elegant and fancy reusable basket. 

CALIFORNIA BERINGER PREMIUM CABERNET RED WINE (750mL) Included in this basket is one bottle of premium Beringer Cabernet, made with the finest fruit from the California Napa Valley for a medium-bodied sweet spiced aroma. With hints of vanilla and toasty oak, this Cabernet pairs great with red meat or fine aged cheeses.

PREMIUM CALIFORNIA CHARDONNAY WHITE WINE BY BERINGER (750mL) - A full-bodied white wine made with grapes from the Napa Valley for a sweet, fruity taste with notes of toasted almond. As recommended, this Chardonnay pairs best with grilled chicken or fish. One bottle included.

BRIE CHEESE: Elegant Castello Brie cheese pairs perfectly well with crackers and is a show-stopper on any table! A perennial favourite on cheese trays, this soft cheese has a subtle aroma. It’s perfect baked or served spread on bread or crackers as a classic appetizer or snack. Made in Denmark from the finest ingredients.

CAMEMBERT CHEESE - Brie cheese from Denmark

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS – Made from British Columbia potatoes in Canada and crafted in small batches by hand to ensure quality. Seasoned with natural ingredients and then cooked to crispy perfection. They are wholesome and indulgent at the same time.

BBQ POTATO CHIPS -  All natural from BC

ARTISAN CRACKERS: These crackers are seasoned with olive oil and sea salt, and pair exceptionally well with your any cheeses, spreads and dips.

TRUFFLES - French inspired chocolate truffles, with a gooey chocolate core and dusted in the finest cocoa powder for mouthwatering bites of decadence.

PRETZELS - A traditional salty treat that packs a crunch. Pairs excellent with any cheeses or dips for a unique fusion of tastes! 

CRACKERS: Elegant olive oil and sea salt crackers pair amazingly well with all of your favourite cheeses, spreads and dips!

CHEESE BISCUITS - These cheddar biscuits are a savoury twist on a sweet classic, with gourmet shortbread made with real Canadian cheddar for a new and exciting combination of tastes! 

 GOURMET SHORTBREAD COOKIES - The perfect amount of buttery and sweet aromas, these gourmet cookies are a classic for any sweet lover! 

CARAMEL POPCORN - Famous Spudniks caramel popcorn are the absolute sweet and salty snack, with salty popcorn coated in creamy caramel. Share with friends over a movie night or as part of a dessert spread at your next corporate or personal gathering! 

Celebrate your office with this Corporate Red and White Wine gift basket that includes two bottles of premium California Beringer wine, with one Chardonnay and one Cabernet, and a multitude of carefully selected savoury and sweet gourmet snacks to compliment these particular tastes. With a wide selection of upscale products included in this chic and gracious gift basket, any recipient will feel appreciated by sharing their joy over these top-quality elements. Included is a number of food items for every taste, from decadent French truffles to soft and indulgent brie. There is no question that this corporate gift basket will be the talk of the office for good reason! 

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