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This Godiva gift basket includes premium Godiva chocolates and truffles: 

MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS - The balance of creamy cashew and sweet milk chocolate is an elegant way to combine these two complimentary tastes. 

GODIVA TRUFFLES It's the classic Godiva decadence with upscale textures. Milk chocolate coating, creamy delicious filling. Nothing beats these! 

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - We all love Godiva's famous milk chocolate, and these 8 mini bars are exactly what you already know and love, but infused with crunch salted caramel toffee for a taste you won't be able to get enough of.

FRENCH TRUFFLES - Canadian made decadent chocolate truffles. Made with the finest cocoa powder for a sophisticated guilty pleasure.

DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS - We'd say this combo of almonds and chocolate is way better than trail mix! 

AMAZING ESTE TRUFFLES - Make your morning brew extra sweet with a hint of luxury from local chocolate maker. 

MILK CHOCOLATE GODIVA BARS - These almond and honey milk chocolate bars may be mini, but they will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth craving! 

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - Made with their elegant dark chocolate recipe, this is a bolder option from their classics made with 72% cocoa.

DARK CHOCOLATE LAVA TRUFFLES - Their dark chocolate shell wraps around the molten chocolate center for the ultimate indulgence. 

MAPLE COOKIES - Perfect cookies ! A childhood classic with a sophisticated elevation.

MILK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - The layers of creamy filling glide over the milk chocolate encasing, you'll practically drool over these. 

COCOA DUSTED TRUFFLES - Inspired by French tradition, these chocolate truffles are Canadian made and are made to savour each last bite. 

ALMOND AND HONEY MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - Delicately sweet, the light flavours will melt in your mouth. The pleasant honey mixed with crunchy almond pieces transforms this classic snack.

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS  - The perfect coupling of sweet and bitter, these chocolate covered almonds are embraced in Godiva dark chocolate. 


What are the best chocolate gift baskets delivery?

Godiva chocolate has always been everyone's favourite sweet to receive. Elevate it even more with our Godiva chocolate and wine gift baskets! With our affordable Godiva chocolate price gifts, you can surprise someone with best form of luxury! 

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