Beringer Cabernet Classic Wine and Roses

$185.00 CAD

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This Beringer Cabernet Classic Wine and Roses gift includes:

BERINGER MAIN AND VINE (750 mL) - A delightfully fruity Cabernet Sauvignon from Beringer Vineyards in Napa Valley This jammy red wine boasts strong tastes of cherry, blackberry and black plum. Hints of vanilla and oak give a woodsy undertone to this bold California cabernet.

A DOZEN RED ROSES - This enchanting bouquet of 12 red roses is a luxury gift for surprising the people you love. Curated from only the most vibrant blossoms, this premium rose arrangement is a charming delight.

DELICIOUS SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Soft and crumbly shortbread cookies packed with buttery goodness in every bite.

PREMIUM CHEDDAR BISCUITS - Made with authentic Canadian cheddar cheese, these buttery shortbread biscuits and absolutely scrumptious.

AUTHENTIC FRENCH TRUFFLES - Enjoy these authentic French truffles. Made with fine quality chocolate and dusted with premium cocoa powder.

PURE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - Made in Quebec, a decadent bar of pure milk chocolate made with premium and wholesome ingredients.

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - Dark chocolate lovers will revel in every bite of this deliciously complex bar of 70% dark chocolate.

LUXURY GIFT BOX - A sleek black gift box tied with a silk ribbon adds the final touch of elegance to this luxury wine and flowers gift set.

Surprise friends and family with a generous wine and flowers gift. This classic wine and roses gift set is the best way to offer your best wishes to loved ones as they celebrate joyful occasions. Share in their happiness with a luxury gift of red wine and stunning red roses.

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