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July 09, 2019




The Best Stoner Gifts (Gift Baskets)

If you have a roommate who’s into the reefer or a bestie who knows there way around a bong, gift them the gift of green. Get them chic travel accessories to house their goods in or a gourmet gift basket to satisfy their munchies. We have baskets filled with all types of snacks made for every flavour palette. Get your favourite stoner the ultimate gift filled with delicious snacks to satisfy the munchies! Whenever the cravings kick (and the blunt hits), they’ll have their favourite chocolate bar handy. If they’re also a foodie, our savoury gift options include premium cheese, European crackers, and other international delicacies for them to enjoy.

Edibles Cannabis Products

Edibles, aka cannabis you can eat, are now no longer confined to pot brownies. CBD gummies, THC chocolate, and other yummy treats are now being infused with the mighty affects of mary-jane. And although buying edibles is still illegal until late 2019, you can make your own DIY marijuana food and drinks, the perfect weed gift! There are currently companies who make and distribute edible marijuana products online, which you can find on sites like Etsy. Using edibles differs from smoking weed. Many first-timers make the mistake of taking too much, since the effect is not felt immediately. You’ve probably heard many anecdotes of people not feeling anything for the a few minutes, so they eat more, then feel the sudden hit. Take your time and ease into it, and through trial and error, you’ll your perfect dosage. You can get a cannabis gift box filled with cannabis-infused chocolate, accessories, and packaged food items.

As companies make edibles suitable to include in gift baskets, we plan to add them when legislation passes and allows us. Some of the most popular edible brands (without THC) are:

13 Best Online Shops For Cannabis Edibles

Check out these online shops and brands:

Allume Chill Box – This women-founded company offers aesthetically pleasing, minimalist cannabis products that come in an array of price ranges contingent on your commitment level. Items include rolling paper, ceramic, and beauty products from niche brands.

Canndora – This subscription box is shipped out three times a year with products like pipes, THC infused items, and clean perfumes.

Kush Cargo – Depending on your budget, you can get everything from the basic weed essentials to luxury products, including glass items.

Lord Jones – In an assortment of flavours, this ultra-chic CBD gummies are on everyones wish list.

Valhalla Confections – Yummy and convenient, Valhalla’s sweets are a 2-for-1.

Green Roads – Sing to Cab Calloway’s Reefer Man when enjoying anything from Green Roads.

Plus CBD Oil Gummies – One a day keeps the doctor away.

To Who It May CBD Chocolates – The coolest thing about these CBD-infused chocolates? You can customize the dosage! Bob Marley would be singing.

The  online shopping market Etsy features many hand-crafted vendors and stores that make and sell unique cannabis accessories to get as the perfect pot-head’s gift. You can find molds for edibles, scent-blocking cases, rolling trays, and so much more to add in someone’s gift basket or stocking stuffer.

“Hide That Pot Smell” Candle – Put the Febreeze down and light this candle up instead to hide that potent pot smell. We’ve all been in the position of having to cover your tracks, so give someone this considerate yet humorous votive.

Weed Bag Case – This scent-blocking case is perfect for travel. Wrap your plant in this pocket-sized friendly weed case. Apart from being compact, it’s also waterproof and biodegradable!

Joint Holder – Whenever your need both hands, place your J in this cool joint holder while you type something, open something, tie something, or flip something.

Wood Rolling Tray – This tray is the perfect foundation for all your cannabis tools. Grind and roll without making a mess!

Grinder (Sailor Moon) – This adorable Sailor Moon grinder is a great gift for an anime fan.

Why Marijuana is big dill?

Because is BIG  money in it. For government, for cannabis company, for investors.

Take a look at the sales figure from best Canadian Cannabis  companies (photo from Globe and mail). Read this nice article at Globe and Mail

Sales of cannabis in Canada

Why People Love Marijuana

Fun fact: More people are purchasing marijuana-related products than dairy and dairy-related products! Unlike cigarettes and alcohol, marijuana is the most natural, least damaging substance that offers a variety of health benefits. Like any drug, it should be taken responsibly. But, the repercussions of weed consumption are far less significant than any other recreational drug. And with the anxiety and depression epidemic on a steady incline, marijuana usage can be both recreational and medical at the same time. There are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate that offer different purposes because of their chemical compound structure. Generally speaking, full spectrum CBD will allow you to reap the most benefits.

What Does The Research Say 

Cannabis is a natural and ancient way of healing physical and mental issues, that is far cheaper and much less dangerous than prescription drugs. Alleviate anxiety, pain, lack of appetite, nausea, decrease chance of epileptic seizures, regulate blood sugar, help IBS, and so much more! Signing on to a subscription service is a fun way to trail out cannabis for first timers and exciting for pros to try new things and venture away from their usual.

History of Cannabis

The history of cannabis dates back to ancient usage for health and healing. It's a powerful complex of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), where the latter does not contain the psychoactive properties examined in weed and some of its byproduct. It is practiced for both recreational and medical use. As the drug has a prohibited Canadian history, legal usage can be tricky. 

The Canadian government denied the Le Dain proposal to remove criminal penalties for the possession of cannabis. There has been ongoing dialogue for expressing  law reform, yet these appeals have a history of being rejected.

CBD, known for having significant cortisol lowering effect, also helps regulate and cope with anxiety, by navigating the anxiolytic, the panic, and the fear responses to stress. And probably, one of the more studied effects of CBD has indeed been on reducing stress and reducing anxiety. This can mean avoiding intense prescription drugs such as  u Valium or Lorazepam.

In late 2018, Ontario legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Ontarian's 19 years old +, can now legally buy, consume, and grow your own recreational marijuana, while also sharing up to 30 grams of pot among other adults.

A few of the rules surrounding cannabis consumption, do not use in these areas:

Indoor common ground in condos, apartments buildings and school residences.

Enclosed public places and enclosed work places.

Schools and common ground where children are found.

School property.

All public areas within 20 metres of these grounds.

Hospitals, hospices, care homes and other facilities.


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